For Mila Kunis, enjoying her job is top priority.

“I genuinely love what I do, and I don’t look at it as work,” Mila, 27, says at her Friends With Benefits premiere held this week at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre. “If I love the project and if I love the people I’m working with and waking up at 4:00 in the morning’s OK … you work 20-hour days, and you want to enjoy those 20 hours, so you try to surround yourself with people you like.”

She isn’t always a ball of sunshine, though.

“Not the sex scenes, but the scenes when they’re in the shower naked together – it was 40 degrees,” director Will Gluck says. “We had a closed set. I remember them yelling out ‘why is it so cold?’ and I said ‘because you wanted a closed set!’ They were not happy about that scene.”

He thinks Justin and Mila are perfect together onscreen.

“I thought they were a great combination. They’re both funny, great actors, not too bad to look at. We developed the script together, and decided to rewrite the entire script in their voices.”

Friends With Benefits is in theaters Friday.

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