Miley Cyrus‘ music might be the stuff of tweenage dreams, focused on young love and being young, but her legal team is nothing but serious.


A woman recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the star, claiming that the infamous picture of Miley slanting her eyes back with a group of others offended her, and now her attorneys are slamming those allegations, E! News reports.


Miley’s lawyers say that Lucie J. Kim’s claim is based on a civil rights statute involving equal access to public accommodations. So although she’s complaining that the picture of Miley insulted L.A.’s Asian-Pacific Islanders, the lawsuit doesn’t mean she should get money for being offended. A hearing in the motion to dismiss the suit is set for June 4.


The Hannah Montana star apologized at the time for her "goofy" picture, and legal documents state that she"did not intend to discriminate against Asian-Pacific Islander descent."

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