Is fame getting to Miley Cyrus’ head? The Disney queen’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, jokes to OK! at the City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Awards Dinner in West Hollywood that his 14-year-old daughter is definitely the boss on the road.

“She gives me some rules, yeah,” Billy Ray laughs, adding that he has some for her to follow too. “Our rule, as her daddy and best friend, is to have fun and enjoy this wonderful opportunity and just be happy.”

Miley’s tour kicks off Oct. 18 in St. Louis and the singer is looking forward to taking advantage of every tour stop. “I’m excited to go to Florida because every time we go, we go to Seaside, and I think I’m going to learn how to snowboard in a couple places where there are actually slopes,” she tells OK!.

The Hannah Montana star hopes she won’t be bundled up all the time because some time under the sun is much needed too. “In California, when I moved here, I was like, ‘We have to go to the beach every day.’ We haven’t gone one time since I’ve lived here.”

By Jon Warech

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