Although the triple threat singer, dancer, and actress Miley Cyrus has reached the peak of her career at only 17 years of age, the “tween” starlet may be growing up too quickly as TMZ reports that she was seen attempting to get access into a Miami Beach club last Wednesday evening.

When Cyrus, who arrived at Club LIV along with an entire slew of friends, attempted to walk inside the venue, she was denied by the bouncers due to her well know underage status according to TMZ.

At the age of only 17 Miley, who has been on tour throughout 2009, still has a good four years until she will be able to legally party it up at any hotspot that serves alcohol.

And although her representative denies all claims that Miley tried to get inside at all, TMZ spoke with multiple sources at LIV who thought otherwise and affirmed that the under-21 Hannah Montana actress did indeed approach the door.

Cyrus, who has also been recently spotted with a possible new tattoo, is taking some time off to relax in Miami after being on the road.

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