We never thought we’d see the day when Miley Cyrus, teen queen of overshares, would cease to be a Twitterer and become a Quitterer. However, after the Hannah Montana star posted a Tweet saying, “FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason,” it seems she actually deleted her Twitter account, no doubt leaving her over 2 million followers devastated. Gasp!
For fans looking to blame someone for the newly imposed Tweet silence, the Twitter-hater in question is Miley’s Last Song co-star and new boytoy, Liam Hemsworth.

Not happy with her decision to become a Quitterer? Check out the #mileycomeback topic — the No. 1 trending top right now.

Meanwhile, Miley’s mom followed her 16-year-old’s lead, deleting her @mommytish from the Twitterverse forever as well.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t signal the end of celebrity overshares!

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