It’s hard to go a day without a new Miley Cyrus rumor hitting the internet, including recent stories that the nearly 16-year-old superstar has plans on leaving Hannah Montana, the Disney show that first made her famous. But, says Miley, it just isn’t so.

“No! We’ve got too many episodes to finish," Miley says in an exclusive interview on tonight’s Extra. "I am staying with the show. It’s so much fun. We have a really good time… as much as it’s really hard work… it’s really great.”   

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Miley also says she tries not to say too much about her relationship with 20-year-old underwear model, Justin Gaston. “It’s hard, because anytime you say anything, it’s like the next day – Google alert!”

Of course, with her 16th birthday only weeks away, the topic turns to Miley getting her driver’s license. “I don’t really want to go get my picture taken… It’s like really hard to pick out your outfit. I was the dummy that asked ‘Can you give your own picture?’”

For the complete interview with Miley, check out tonight’s Extra.

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