Writing songs with pen and paper is so last century.

Showing her youth and the prevalence of technology, Miley Cyrus pens a lot of her tunes using text messages exchanged with friends, her record producer Antonina Armato reveals.

"Her fish died and she texted me," Antonina shares with E! News.  "The exchange inspired the track ‘Bottom of the Ocean.’"

"Bottom of the Ocean" is one of the 12 songs found on the 15-year-old’s new album, Breakout, which was released Tuesday. It’s Miley’s second solo disc and her famous friends predict many, many more in her future, much like another pop icon — Madonna.

"She turns it on! A lot like Madonna," director Brett Ratner says. "Madonna walks on and is casual, cameras are on her and then all of a sudden, ‘Wow!’ Same thing with Miley."


Humbled by the compliment, the Hannah Montana star couldn’t imagine a bigger star to be linked to.

"It’s awesome!" Miley says. "If you’re going to be [compared] to anyone it would be Madonna."

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