Just when you thought you’d heard of every Cyrus musician, Trace Cyrus, Miley‘s half-brother and son of Billy Ray, shows up on the scene with his band Metro Station. And there’s more: Miley and Billy Ray are going to appear in the band’s new video for their single "Seventeen  Forever."


"I didn’t know if I’d ever get to have [my dad] in [a music video] of mine," Trace tells PopEater.com on the set of an AOL Music Sessions taping. The video will have a Lost Boys feel to it, adds Trace, complete with a carnival, bumper cars and ferris wheel.


The busy family enjoyed some quality time on the set, with Miley behind the wheel of a bumper car and hitting Trace, while dad Billy Ray played the part of the ride operator.


However not everyone on set was thrilled to be at a carnival for the day.


"I’m terrified of heights," says Trace. "So I was just saying to the director, ‘Get me off of [the ferris wheel] as fast as possible.’ "

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