Having weathered the recent scandal storm of her revealing Vanity Fair photos, Miley Cyrus appeared to be in a peaceful mood over the weekend when she performed at NYC radio station Z100’s annual Zootopia festival in East Rutherford, NJ.

In fact, in an interview with the Z100 folks before taking the stage, the serene 15-year-old, famous for flashing the two-fingered peace sign to fans and the cameras, explained that "peace is my thing … It helps you be confident."

The Hannah Montana star also showed hidden depths when she paraphrased rock legend Jimi Hendrix: "You have to get over the love of power and enjoy the power of love in order to know peace."

Meanwhile, the peace-loving teen superstar also managed to pick up some goodies for her and her family at the celebrity-packed Izod Fragrance Artist Gift Lounge. According to sources inside the event, Miley went wild for the Roomba vacuum cleaner, telling people she’d be able to set it to clean up her room while she’s away on tour.

By Valerie Nome

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