While many teens see Easter as a day to score some sweet chocolate treats, at least 15-year-old superstar Miley Cyrus seems to understand the holiday’s spirit of sacrifice — of course that doesn’t mean she didn’t also have a little fun with her family.

On Saturday, the Hannah Montana star joined her mom, dad and co-star Billy Ray Cyrus, and little sister Noah, for Easter services at The Montrose Church, in Montrose, Calif., which hosted a "Break-Fast Buffet," where church members were able to share and enjoy some food temptations they’d previously given up for Lent.

Perhaps that’s why Miley exited the church nibbling on McDonald’s fries and sipping on fruit punch?

The young star and her little sis burned off the calories with a stroll to a nearby pet store to buy a white bunny, complete with carrying case and accessories.

From there, the Cyrus clan made a trip to Billy’s Boardshop, also in Montrose, where Miley purchased a St. Christopher pendant and a crucifix. She told some fans in the store that all surfers wear St. Christopher (the patron saint of travelers) around their necks to keep them safe, so she thought she’d give it a shot.

Dropping dad and the bunny off at the house, the Cyrus girls paid a visit to the local Cheesecake Factory, where witnesses tell OK! that Miley made a generous gift to a homeless woman in the parking lot. "It was a pile of cash," says the witness.

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