George Clooney should follow in the footsteps of Michael Douglas, Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger advises. Otherwise, he may end up alone in a nursing home, she says.

As a professional matchmaker, Patti has seen it all. She comes to his rescue now that the breakup between George and girlfriend-of-two-years Elisabetta Canalis has been announced.

“I predicted that split,” she tells me while promoting Pucker Vodka. “Every two to three years, you get a parting gift and you’re out the door. He’s textbook. He is so driven by one negative experience that he made a self-conscious decision never to be married, never to fall in love too deep, and until he un-programs his self-conscious, he will live the example of what he believes.”

George, 50, was married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993, and has sworn off lifelong commitment ever since. Talia is so sweet every time I see her at events. Was the union really that horrible that he could be turned off to the idea of ever tying the knot again?

“I don’t think it was horrible – I think his heart was broken,” Patti says. “When your heart is broken, you make a lot of decisions in that time. You program your self-conscious mind to say ‘this is what I feel, think, and believe.’ And then what happens is that the universe yields and shows you exactly what you believe is what’s really happening.”

She adds, “Until he gets help, he’s going to stay that way. He will be 90 years old in a nursing home and nobody cares he was an action star at one point.”

Even with that dire prediction, Patti doesn’t foresee him getting help.

“I don’t think he will get help because I don’t think he thinks anything’s wrong,” she says. “You have to want something in order to get help. You want to get sober – you want to lose weight. You have to decide. He’s not deciding.”

For a romance role model, Patti believes George should look to Michael Douglas.

“At least when you look at Michael Douglas, who had a sexual problem – sleeping with too many women – he found true love, he got cancer, and she’s at his beckoned call. He’s got family and friends around him. He made a good decision on that part, even if he went for a younger woman.”

Patti adds, “George can have a younger woman, if that’s what he wants. But he’s got to make a decision that it’s takes two to tango in this relationship – it’s not just about him.”

Good luck, George!

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