Mira Sorvino knows she’s not just leaving behind a legacy for film history, but for her kids as well.

The Oscar winner has two children, Mattea, 2, and Johnny, 15 months, with actor-husband Christopher Backus, 25, and tells OK! at the Trade premiere that she’s become more conscious of movie roles since becoming a mom.

“Certainly wanting them to be proud of what I did when I was their mom definitely weighs in,” the 39-year-old says. “You definitely are aware of being an example for your children. I have two lives — one as an actor and one as an actress, and they don’t always intersect. Sometimes it’s just plain entertainment and for the love of it and other time there’s a social message that’s coming through it.”

The social message in Trade is the preponderance of sex trafficking. Mira is not in the film, but did star in a similarly themed 2005 TV movie called Human Trafficking and hopes the new drama will raise awareness.

“It’s a terrible, terrible, sad fact that human beings around the world are being sold into slave labor in a way that we thought was behind us,” she says. “It’s not at all. In fact, it’s growing. It’s the third most profitable criminal enterprise in the world behind arms-trading and drugs.”

Trade opens on Friday.

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