Most know her as the ultimate California girl Marissa Cooper, but Mischa actually considers herself British. That doesn't mean that the undercover Brit doesn't owe her fame and fortune to the ultra-Cali series The O.C. Thanks to the FOX series, Mischa became an overnight success and a fashion icon. Though, in 2006 Mischa's character was killed off the iconic series and the actress decided to focus on movies. Unfortuantely for her, Mischa's biggest big screen success was long before her O.C. days when she played a young ghost in The Sixth Sense. Mischa's life entered a bit of a downward spiral in 2008 when she was arrested for two DUIs, driving without a license and possession of marijuana. Then in 2009 Mischa was placed under psychiatric hold for a brief period which the actress blamed on a wisdom teeth surgery gone wrong.

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