After pleading no contest to charges of driving under the influence, Mischa Barton was sentenced to three years unsupervised probation.

Anthony V. Salerno, an attorney for the O.C. star, who did not attend the Beverly Hills hearing, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, who agreed to the probation in lieu of jail time.

"The DAs were very fair in handling this case," her lawyer said afterwards. "Mischa’s glad the case has been resolved."


In addition to the probation, the 22-year-old starlet was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and to complete a three-month alcohol education class. Also, charges of marijuana possession against the actress have also been dropped.

So is Mischa getting off too easily? Not so much, OK!’s legal eagles say. "She’s getting treated the same as just about every first-time offender who cooperates," one lawyer explains.

The actress was busted on Dec. 27 for a DUI, possession of marijuana and driving without a valid license after she was caught weaving between lanes and failing to signal for a turn.

The marijuana charge was dropped while the lack of license violation was eventually labeled as an infraction.

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