Mischa Barton is still in the hospital under doctor’s orders, her publicist, Craig Schneider says in a statement, two days after LAPD escorted her from her home with a medical problem that has yet to be revealed.Schneider did not elaborate on what exactly caused Miscah to go to the hospital nor what her condition is at the present time.

Mischa’s medical problem caused her to miss the premiere of her new movie, Homecoming, last night.

“I found out she wasn’t going to be here last night,” producer Benji Kohn revealed to OK!. “We were very surprised. We didn’t have the details. We just heard the basics — that she was going through personal issues. That was the extent of it.”

No matter what may have caused the hospital trip, producer Bingo Gubelmann has positive words for Mischa for when she has recovered.

“This in no way affects my opinion of her as an actress, and I would gladly work with her in any project moving forward,” he tells OK!.

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