I don’t envy guys who have to approach women with witty yet too often cheesy pick-up lines, many of which are greeted with the ‘Are you serious?’ look and accompanied by a rolling of the eyes and then, well, that’s it. If the guy is lucky the girl may giggle to appease the him, especially if she reciprocates his desire to have a conversation. If he’s luckier, she’ll play along.
That said, I was quite amused when I read a recent interview with “Brothers & Sisters” resident hottie Dave Annable and he said his favorite pickup line is:
“So let’s say you and I are at a club, and I go up to you and say, ‘Excuse me, how much do you think a polar weighs?’ And you would say, ‘I don’t know,’ and I’d say, ‘Let’s just say it’s enough to break the ice. I’m Dave, how are you?
Disclaimer: He also said he’s never tried the line before himself.

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