Last January I received one of my best gift bag gifts ever – a five-day stay at an all-inclusive resort in Talum, Mexico, 30 minutes outside Cancun and an equal distance from the Mayan ruins. At the time I told my roommate Amber that if I didn’t have a boyfriend in six months I’d take her for her 30th birthday in December. When June rolled around I still hadn’t met anyone I wanted to spend five days with in a foreign country – I asked for an extension. Now it’s December and I’m in Talum, Mexico – with Amber. It’s moderately depressing seeing all of the couples EVERYWHERE (it’s an 18 and over resort except for the obvious exception made for a pair of tweens here for a wedding) and picking out the ‘just married’ by the girls French manicures and the guy’s shiny wedding bands,  but it’s extremely relaxing and full of activities nonetheless.  Tomorrow we’re going to do morning yoga/pilates, parasailing and tan. Well, I am. I’m sure Amber will join in some of the activities but at least being here with my best friend rather than my boyfriend I won’t get a ‘What’s wrong’ when I sneak away to read a book on the beach by myself for a few hours 😉 xo

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