OK!’s Joyce Eng breaks down our favorite show of the night: How I Met Your Mother!


“Oh, show. Well, they can’t all be winners, can they? So Britney Spears is back and the creators waste no time revealing that Abby was the mystery gal causing all of Barney’s agony from "The Bracket." Can you say cop-out? Also, the chick from "The Bracket" had distinctive curly hair and Abby’s hair was straight. Did someone steal the curling iron? It seems like they reformatted detail (and maybe even a future storyline) just to write Brit back into the fold. Abby tells Barney she’s been intervening in his conquests because she’s pissed he never called her back and they bond over their mutual hatred of Ted (she because he fell for her boss, Stella). Post-coital, they decide to retaliate at lovelorn Ted by flaunting their "love" in front of him, matching outfits and all. This still doesn’t stop Abby from quickly professing her love for Ted and complimenting his hair. Barney winds up proposing to Abby, who doesn’t get that "it’s a bit." Barney eventually tells her he can’t marry her because Ted is love with her and gives Abby his address. Oh lord, so this naturally means more Britney, right? If she does return, let’s hope she gets some acting lessons in between. She was capable in her first appearance, but this? PAINFUL. Also, not to be shallow, but girlfriend’s definitely battling the bulge.

As for the others, Marshall and Lily needed to raise money to replace their slanted floors in their new apartment. Marshall wants to sell Lily’s designer clothes at www.lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com, but she refuses. Um, maybe you should agree since it’s your shopping addiction that’s put you guys into serious debt! Instead, Lily says she will sell her paintings, but her suggestion is met with little enthusiasm since Marshall more or less told her she sucked. After numerous attempts, Lily finally makes a sale to a GCWOK (gay couple without kids), a highly coveted demographic. When she reaches out to them to sell more, they tell her they trashed the painting and only bought it for the antique frame. Cue Marshall to the rescue. He traces the painting down to a veterinarian’s office. It turns out Lily’s artwork soothes dogs (but provokes birds), so their next business venture is, you guessed it, selling Lily’s paintings to vets! And Robin and Ted? Well, they basically did nothing. Ted got a, as Barney says, "bit" with red cowboy boots and how he can "pull them off," but poor ol’ Robin was stuck with nada as usual. This was definitely a filler episode because I know HIMYM is better than that, but it’s sad knowing it’s the penultimate episode of the season and there’s no character or storyline development – especially with Barney and Ted. The group and show dynamic don’t work without all five together. Agree?” – Joyce


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