TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Joyce Eng and Rana Meyer break down your fave shows!

Heroes: “I am really starting to think that this show is all
about parental issues. Either one of the heroes has lost a parent or
has a major dysfunctional relationship with one, which I am sure many
viewers can relate to. On last night’s episode, Matt finally reunited
with his long-absent father, who is supposedly a big part of this whole
conspiracy of people with these abilities being killed and is also the
scary man who is haunting poor little Molly’s dreams. But just as Matt
is about to get some answers, he is tricked into going into this room
that sends him into an alternative universe of some sort. Now I’ve
heard of people trying to avoid a confrontation, but come on, Matt’s
dad needs to man up! On the flip side of the world, over in Ireland, we
are finally reunited with the hunky Peter Petrelli, who unfortunately
is ignoring his past and is making out with his new Irish lady, who
doesn’t seem to be freaked out at all about his crazy abilities. Now if
you were dating a guy who could throw fireballs wouldn’t you be just a
tad freaked out? But Peter has bigger problems to contend with. A
brand-new addition to the Heroes gang has arrived in Ireland, played by
the devilish Kristen Bell. And Elle has some bad-ass powers,
and all she wants to do is find Peter, even if she has to kill people
to get the job done. The biggest mystery of the evening: Just whom is
Elle working for that she referred to as Daddy? That is what is really
going to keep everyone guessing until next week.” – Rana

The Bachelor: “Oh Hillary! Did you really think you had a chance of staying as one of the final four? Brad basically told you in the pool that he was feeling the “friend vibe,” translation: we are never going to kick it. You should have been prepared for being left out in the cold at the rose ceremony, held your held high and worked the cameras in your bid to come back to the show as the next Bachelorette. And no, Brad wasn’t going to change his mind just because you were hyperventilating. Bettina, you sneaky dog. You tell your competition that your date with Brad sucked, but turn around and tell him it was the best date ever! Nice save telling the other girls your comments were just a joke (though I’m still searching for the punch line!). I’ve got my money on Sheena. Yeah, at 23, she’s way too young for Brad, but she’s giddy and fun and sparkly, thanks to those diamond earrings Brad gave her. And every good relationship needs a little bit sparkle.” – TV Fanatic

How I Met Your Mother: “That episode was just legen…wait for it…dary. This show is an ensemble and is always at its best when all five characters are together, which until this episode had not happened this season with all the post-break-up shenanigans. But what a better way to reunite everyone than to reminisce on how they met each other after Ted shows up with his crazy Internet pick-up Blah Blah? That allowed the writers to employ vintage HIMYM tactics of time-jumping, contradictory tales and multiple accounts of the same story. After two years, we finally see the back-story behind Ted and Barney’s urinal meeting and how Ted became his immediate wingman — by playing his deaf brother Edward. And who knew Ted knows sign language? Awesome. Equally awesome were Ted, Marshall and Lily’s collegiate “sandwich-eating” days. I love that Future Ted has no problem telling his kids about, say, his (possible) threesome a few episodes back, but he feels inclined to use a euphemism for weed. So what did we learn? Ted and Lily did NOT make out at freshmen orientation, thus leaving Lily and Marshall’s original Goth fairytale intact, Robin and Barney are so going to get it on one of these days (“Sixteen ‘no’s’, really?”), Barney thought Marshall had more game than he did for a week, Marshall doesn’t age very well and Ted prefers woman avatars in World of Warcraft! That was the best Warcraft shout-out since that South Park episode! But what takes the cake is Barney’s Crazy/Hot scale, complete with eye-popping illustrations. Why? Because it’s so true and so Barney!” – Joyce


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