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Prison Break: "As the prison boys continue their escape attempts, Lechero continues his attempts to take down Sammy. And he is right in doing that. It sounds weird since Lechero is a drug-dealing murderer, but I like something about him and I just want him to take care of Sammy already. He is trying to overthrow the whole system at Sona and also he wants to kill Michael. And that is just a no go in my book. So T-Bag gets Bellick to challenge Sammy to a brawl. Bellick feels he can use the same turpentine he wrapped around his fingers in the last fight, but that’s a no go. He’s all out. But he lucks out in the end, because just as Sammy is beating the crap out of him, he gets called away to take down Scofield. But our hunky Michael is no idiot. He tells Sammy that he can have their escape tunnel and bam, Sammy gets buried alive. Go Michael! But being the good guy that Michael is, he is really feeling the guilt. On the outside, Lincoln continues his plotting with Sucre against Gretchen. But all doesn’t go according to plan, and Gretchen is onto them. Duh, this girl isn’t stupid. And neither is poor Sophia. She wants to have faith in her boy Whistler, but she can’t take the lies anymore. As she rips his clothes out of her closet, what does she find? A briefcase hidden inside the lining of one of his suitcases, and that is fishy. What could be inside? Only time will tell." — Rana


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