TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Joyce Eng and Rana Meyer break down your fave shows of the night!

How I Met Your Mother: I love when movie co-stars reunite on TV. The delightful John Cho of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle fame guest starred with the real Neil Patrick Harris, who did a hilarious cameo in the cult film. Although they didn’t have any scenes together, the outcome of John’s storyline suggests his time isn’t done on HIMYM. Marshall lands his dream job at the Natural Resource Defense Council, but has one last interview – at the swanky and evil Nicholson, Hewitt and West. He thinks he can give Jefferson Coatsworth “a piece of his mind,” only to discover Jeff (John) is 1) not “old” or 2) a “bastard,” or at least directly. Jeff courts Marshall to go corporate by inviting him to a dinner of “Kobe lobster that is lobster-fed with Kobe beef,” where he tempts him with a big paycheck and Patrick “Crazy” Swayze. Inebriated, Marshall accepts the job, spends the night at Jeff’s and takes the hilariously accurate Walk of Shame home the morning after. The barefoot, disheveled gals were a wonderfully nice touch. Marshall regrets the decision, but unbeknownst to him, he needs the gig as we learn how Lily affords a killer wardrobe on a kindergarten teacher’s salary – she’s incurred a boxful of credit card debt. Although egged on by Robin to tell her hubby, Lily encourages Marshall to take the NRDC job, telling Robin she’d pay the debt off herself. (Maybe she still feels guilty for making him work at Barney’s company after defacing that posh wedding gown!) In the end, Marshall sells out to the evil law firm when he’s told his sole client is Tuckahoe Funland a.k.a. the Magic Factory Where Dreams Are Made. Cue newspaper flashes of the park’s future troubles. Meanwhile, Ted was having his own crisis – an identity one. Barney stumbles upon a porn star with Ted’s moniker, who turns out to be a Steve Beal, a bullied kid Ted saved back in the day and is now paying homage to his knight. Touched but also fearful the good Ted Mosby name would be tarnished, he proposes Steve use the “real” rescuer’s name – Lance Hardwood. Sure enough, we get Lance Hardwood in Sex Architect starring Ted Mosby with location scouting by Barney Stinson. He didn’t have to search too hard – the film was shot in the apartment with the action going down on the couches. Let’s hope they didn’t leave behind any love stains. – Joyce

The Bachelor: “Brad visits the four remaining girls in their hometown. He gets to see Jenni the dancer, do her thing. I don’t want to stoop so low and criticize her technique, but I wouldn’t recommend she sign up for So You Think You Dance anytime soon! Grandma asks Brad if he’s a drinker, I think cause she likes to hit up the sauce now and then. Maybe along with Sheena’s mom. Her astrological trip seemed a little boozy. But Sheena had a hottub. That should have earned her a few points. Deanna’s family seemed refreshingly normal. Strange, since she’s such a master manipulator. It was nice to see her open up about her mom, who passed away. But the night belonged to Bettina’s parents, who hated that Brad hadn’t finished his formal education (gasp!), ran a bar (double gasp!) and couldn’t articulate his feelings for their daughter (triple bypass!). Talk about tearing a man down (and to be honest, I don’t think brad really deserved it!). Bettina reassured Brad he’ was okay in her book by telling him she wasn’t that good on paper either. Not exactly an ego boost. In spite of her family, Brad kept Bettina around (no doubt he just wants to piss off her ‘rents) and sent Sheena home.” – TV Fanatic

Heroes: “A lot of action going was on last night, but I have one big complaint and it’s about Hiro. Please bring him back from the way distant past. I’ve loved seeing his adventures in Japan, but we need him back in modern times, to help save the world. However, he can definitely bring his hottie Kensei pal back with him. I would love to see how this 1600-era swordsman would do in present day-America. But I do think this Japan storyline is just dragging on too long and his best buddy Ando needs more to do that just be reading the ancient scribblings that Hiro had sent along to tell his tale. On the flip side, back in present day, Sylar is still making his way back to the United States with twins Alejandro and Mya. I have to say that Mya’s special ability just freaks me out. It seems that she starts crying and instead of tears comes out some sort of poison that just kills anyone around her, except her brother, of course. Can you imagine that gift in the real world? They say some people can get what they want by turning on the waterworks, but damn this girl brings that idea to a whole new meanin! They’d better wise up about creepy Sylar. He has lost all his powers, and he is not a man who can live without power. They’d better keep a close guard up or ditch this guy on the side of the road, before it’s too late.” — Rana

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