The TV Fanatic and OK!’s Rana Meyer and Joyce Eng tell you what went down on TV last night while you suffered a case of the Mondays.


Heroes: “Have you ever thought about what your worst nightmare is? And could you imagine being thrown into it against your will? Well that is exactly what happened to Matt last night. Matt’s evil dad has some sort of crazy power that throws people into their worst nightmare and keeps you there. But luckily, Matt was able to grab onto some of his dad’s powers and rescue Molly from the nightmare that she has been stuck in. Unfortunately, Niki was not so lucky. Matt’s dad sucked her into her own nightmare about her dead ex D.L. Her vision caused her to think they were all out to get her and she injected herself with this deadly disease. Damn, now that is a nightmare that I never want to be sucked into. But I am happy to report that Hiro finally left the fields of 17th century Japan. Thank God. I was really getting bored with his whole tale — he needs to be back fighting to save the world again. But the coolest twist of the episode had to be that Kensei, played by the fabulous David Anders, was able to come back to present day too. He is calling himself Adam, who we all know is the man behind the original group of Heroes who have been dying off. This guy is definitely going to be trouble.”  — Rana

The Bachelor: “Jenni’s lyric for the night should have been “More Than Words.” Even though she couldn’t tell Brad what she was feeling, she
had no problem showing it, demanding the fantasy suite card before Brad
even offered it to her. Another lyric comes to my mind, “They got a
name for girls like these…” But I’m not hating. Brad looked amazingly
hot in this episode (less stubble, I think), and even better wet when
they were swimming with the dolphins. Deanna put all her cards on the
table by telling Brad point blank that she was falling in love with
him. He seemed shocked to have someone be that forward. Poor Bettina
had to use her one-on-one time to do damage control over her parents’
disapproval of Brad during her home visit. She explained her parents’
concern stemmed from Brad’s inability to articulate his feelings for
their daughter (like any Bachelor in history ever has?) and not so much
that he hadn’t finished college. Depsite her great PR spin, Bettina
wouldn’t graduate to the next level tonight. Brad said he never got to
know the real Bettina, and that’s why she was going home. And I got to
agree with him on this one. You really shouldn’t have to work that hard
to find true love…” – TV Fanatic

How I Met Your Mother: “Oh. My. God. Janice! Maggie Wheeler returned to TV and I was ecstatic. Maggie, sans nasal voice, played the realtor showing Marshall and Lily their dream pad. I had been wondering when they were going to address the living situation since the wedding and it took a number of aggravating instances (including Ted shaving his pubes) that culminated in a missing peanut butter lid to set Marshall off. How awesome was his rant about Ted’s “immature jackassery” that referenced the good (jobs and social consciences) and bad (Hawaii and after) seasons of The Real World? Brother is right on! The couple finds a place to buy, which troubles Lily since she still hasn’t told Marshall of her 15-card credit debt. But they still place an offer on the apartment in the up-and-coming NYC neighborhood of Dowisetrepla. The snobby shout-out to all the NYC acronyms was superb and reminded me of, what else, a Real World: Back to New York episode where the gang hesitates to go to a club under the label LES, thinking it meant lesbian bar when it was short for Lower East Side. After learning they were eligible for a rate of 18 percent, Lily was outed and the two engage in an off-camera fight that was brought back to life through Ted. The CSI: Miami-style investigation, complete with diluted flashbacks and absurd David Caruso shades, was inspired and brilliant. Guess they couldn’t get enough of those summer CSI-esque promos for HIMYM. A redial reveals a divorce lawyer was called, shaking Ted, Robin and Barney (who had a dull B story about his love-’em-and-ditch’em ways) to their core. But no worries, Lily planned a divorce on paper so Marshall could get a better rate, but he says they’re in this together. So despite monetary issues and common sense, they buy the place in Dowisetrepla…which we finally learn in the tag stands for Downwind of the Sewage Treatment Plant.” – Joyce

What did you think of last night’s lineup?

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