OK!’s Joyce Eng, Rana Meyer and the TV Fanatic break down Monday night’s hottest shows!

How I Met Your Mother: “What a fantabulously realistic
episode! While I love suspending disbelief during X number of minutes for my
favorite shows, I also absolutely adore when storylines ring true to life and
no show does that better than HIMYM. Ted is enamored with his new girlfriend
Cathy (Lindsay Price) and shows him off to his friends over dinner, but none of
them like her and he can’t understand why. After realizing their clueless buddy
is stuck in the early stages of romance when everything seems perfect (or as
Marshall puts it: “You’re driving the ‘I Want to Have Sex with Her’ truck,
and it’s got a huge blind spot.”), the four choose not to highlight
Cathy’s flaw, shielding Ted from that glass-shattering moment when the
beautiful illusion is broken. Following incessant prodding, they tell him
what’s wrong with her – she talks. A LOT. Like
almost Six-esque. Now that he’s clued in, Ted can’t let it go and just like
that, the illusion was shattered (cue shattering glass). Now who can’t relate to
that? Once you notice irritating qualities in other people, you can’t ignore
them. After watching this, I’m literally conscious of what my friends think of
me. Speaking of “literally,” overusing the word is Robin’s
“glass shattering moment.” The buddies eventually turn on each other,
pointing out the annoying habits in one another. Ted corrects people too much;
Lily chews too loudly; and Barney has a trio – talking in a high-pitched voice,
using catchphrases and spacing out during conversations. Marshall, who couldn’t
access his bar results because he forgot his password, sings what he does
frequently, which, as everyone learns, is not always useless. It turns out he
turned his password into a song, and it’s good news – he’s officially a lawyer,
not to mention the most adorable man on the planet with those tunes. Also good
news – Cathy and Ted split. They bump into each other three years later
alongside her deaf fiancé, Daniel. Harkening back to Ted’s sign language
skills, he shatters the glass for Daniel. Cue parenthetical shattering glass.
Until next week – get ready for Slap No. 3!” – Joyce

Heroes: “Rewinding back four months in time was the definitely the
best episode that Heroes has done all season. It had so much happening that it
had been hard to figure out what was going on since last year’s finale. But
this episode finally put everything in perspective. We have now learned what
happened to poor D.L. And it was all Niki’s fault. For a man who could walk
through anything, even an exploding house, he wasn’t able to survive
everything. After another one of Niki’s personalities took over and ran off to L.A. to party, D.L.
tracked her down, but that would be the end for him. After dragging Niki away
from a sleazy club guy, he wasn’t pleased. D.L. was shot by the sleazy guy
right in front of Niki’s eyes. Poor girl, no wonder she gave Micah to relatives
and turned herself over to the company to get help. In the meantime, after
Peter exploded and brought his injured brother to the hospital, he was captured
by the company proclaiming that they wanted to help him get rid of his
abilities. But that really wasn’t the case. After months of dealing with
electric Elle and flirting up a storm, Peter and his cell neighbor Adam
realized that they needed to escape and save Peter’s brother and the rest of the
world. How cool is it that Adam is Kensei from Japan over 400 years ago. He can
live forever, because of his blood that can cure anything. And he doesn’t even
age! Now that’s the type of power that needs to be brought into the real world.
At the same time, we also discovered that Maya started her killing powers
when her brother married a cheating liar. She ended up killing the bride
and everyone around her. Can you imagine that just by crying,
you would kill everyone around you. Not ever being able to shed
a tear, now that would be a scary power to behold.” – Rana

The Bachelor: “Miss Manners would have had a field day with
this episode. These girls look so sweet, but boy are they some catty
wenches! Loved when Chris called out McCarten — who been labeled the
house bully — after she insulted half the panel and he asked, “So are you
being forward or a bully right now?” On the hot seat, Hillary and Sheena both
saved face. Bettina, not so much. She blamed Brad for her family date going
sour! Bettina, take note: Your dad is never going to accept another man as long
as your ex-husband lives! Brad came across pretty genuine. Yes, he did tell
Hillary about a thousand times he just wanted to be friends. But just so she
knew for sure, he broke it down for her on tonight’s show. I’m hoping Brad
is the real deal. It would be nice to see one of these Bachelor-created
relationships actually work out! So who has Brad picked? The fun girl never
gets the guy on The Bachelor, so I would say he’s picking DeAnna. But there’s
suppose to be a twist in the final rose ceremony, so maybe Jenni gets the guy
after all…” – TV Fanatic

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