OK!‘s Joyce Eng and Rana Meyer break down your fave shows of the night!

How I Met Your Mother
: “Don’t tell me I was the only one with slapcountdown.com up for the entire episode! Alas, Marshall himself suffered from “premature slapulation” (watch “Slap Bet” if you don’t get that) as his slap occurred a tad early, but I’m willing to forget him because of that awesome song. But let’s start from the beginning — we open with flashbacks to Ted and Robin’s favorite simultaneous couple joke — salutes to double military phrases (“general knowledge,” “corporal punishment”) but the funny ran out after the break-up and Ted tells us how awkward it’s been and how he and Robin have yet to be alone together. Thank God they finally addressed this! The gang revs themselves up for their first American Thanksgiving together – since, according to Robin, the “real Thanksgiving” is Canadian Thanksgiving in October. I’m glad to finally learn what it celebrates – Martin Frobisher’s futile attempt to find the Northwest Passage. But no offense, Canucks, it’s not the same! Robin reveals she’s bringing her new 41-year-old beau Bob to the fest, who through Ted’s eyes is an octogenarian, played hilariously by Orson Bean. Pie-making at Robin’s takes place, but only Ted shows up. Awkward silence ensues before they engage in an argument about feigning friendship, make up and have sex. They come to blows the next day, forcing Lily to lock them in Ted’s room to talk it out. They do and were saluting double military phrases again by the end. Meanwhile, Marshall tortured Barney throughout the episode with talk of his forthcoming slap on Slapsgiving. Trying to be valiant, Barney tells him he’s not “scurred” since Marshall took all the suspense out with the countdown, but he ultimately admits he is “scurred.” As Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily revokes Marshall’s permission due to the incessant fighting, but after Barney can’t let go of Marshall’s impotent and flaccid hand, Lily grants Marshall permission to go for No. 3, which he does and we get a bonus at the end – a tune dubbed “You Just Got Slapped.” That was a nice touch since the anticipation of the slap was purged thanks to the site. What made the ditty even better were Barney’s background groans and Bob waving his BlackBerry instead of a lighter. Rock on! By the way, if you haven’t yet, check out slapcountdown.com.” – Joyce

Heroes: “Never tell your daddy that you hate him because that may very well be the last time you will see him. Unfortunately for Claire, that came true for her. Daddy Noah decided to pack up his kids and wife before the Company could get to them. After a screaming fight with daddy, Claire runs off to cheerleading practice, which was a big mistake. The head of the Company tracks her down there and grabs her, but when Elle goes after Daddy Noah and family, he grabs her. Now it’s a match of daddy vs. daddy, as we discover the head of the company is actually Elle’s dad. Now that’s something to be proud of, a daughter who shoots sparks out of her hands and kills people. But once they make the exchange, it did not look good for Daddy Noah. He was shot down by Mohinder. But lo and behold, because the Company was able to get Claire’s curing blood, we zoom in on Daddy Noah coming back to life. Now that is some damn magic blood, can you imagine having curing blood that can bring anyone back to life. As the daddy death tales continue, we also saw Hiro return from Japan finally! It could have not come too soon. And he was determined to save his dad, but when his dad made him see that they could not mess with destiny, it was up to Hiro to find out who killed his father. Fortunately, that was an easy task for Hiro as all he had to do was freeze time and pull the hood off his dad’s killer. And it was swordsman Kensei from Japan, or Adam, as we all know him. He is just out to kill all the original members of the Company. Everyone had better watch their back!”—Rana

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