OK!”s Joyce Eng breaks down your favorite TV show of the night!

How I Met Your Mother: “Backflash time! Remember that butterfly tramp stamp tattoo Ted got? Well it’s finally coming off…after 10 treatments with the best specialists in all of New York City – Dr. Stella Zinman…whom Ted has asked out on a date. Bad idea, everyone says, because he’s violating the Platinum Rule: “Never, ever, ever, ever love thy neighbor.” Ted’s way too close for comfort now if things don’t work out with the doc, leading his four friends to recount their tragic “friendly neighbor” stories over the past three years: Barney with Wendy the Waitress; Robin with her sports anchor Curt “Iron Man” Irons; and Marshall and Lily with their actual neighbors, the charade-loving Gerards. They whip through all of their brief courtships with said parties through the classic eight phases: attraction, bargaining, submission, perks, the tipping point, purgatory, confrontation and fallout. Ted’s not having any of it because he’s sick and tired of all of Barney’s “rules” that never mean anything and takes off for his date after Barney tousles his hair to look “awesome.” Three hours late, Future Ted tells us it wasn’t a date because as his doctor, Stella legally cannot date her patient. But that’s not the end of Stella, he says. Hmmm…so is Stella the mother? We didn’t see her in the episode. Chances are no since he said her name to his kids, but you never know with this show. As a final sign off for 2007 (no tag!! Boo!!), Ted tells us step 9 is co-existence. Aww. Heartwarming for the holidays. See you next year!” — Joyce

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