It was another good Monday in NYC. First stop on the schedule (after a looong day in the office closing the mag) was Showroom Seven to find a new dress for the night – and one for the next night, and Cancun. Thankfully, in 15 minutes I found a frock to fit each occasion perfectly – two by Issa and one Robin, the line designed by my friend Mandie Erickson of “Fashionista Diaries” fame, or infamy.
Next stop, the swanky still new Bowery Hotel where Kelli Delaney, a former Glamour, Star and Celebrity Living editor I once worked with unveiled her latest endeavor – designer and creative director of Members Only. If you think you’ve heard of the line before, you have. She’s trying to bring back the once-popular 80s line of edgy apparel. By the gold and leather jacket, skinny jean-wearing models and story board ads of girl falling for guy, guy cheating on girl and girl reading about it in a gossip mag, looks like she’s succeeded in making the collection current.

The party was fun too. For dinner I ate two big sugary pink gumballs (there were bowls of candy favorites from the 80s everywhere), danced to 80s favorites courtesy of DJ Paul Sevigny behind the turntables and drank a sugar free Red Bull and vodka to keep me inspired to stay out.

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