Morgan Freeman has been a constant, familiar face on the silver screen, acting in classics like Driving Miss Daisy, Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby.


And now the Oscar winner, 71, who survived a serious car crash this summer, will be receiving another award for his hard work: he will be honored at this year’s Kennedy Center Awards. in December in Washington, D.C.


Morgan, along with fellow winners Barbra Streisand, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and others, will have his career celebrated at a gala in December in Washington, D.C.


The Kennedy Center awards figures from the entertainment and arts world every year for their contributions to American culture. Spokesman Stephen Schwarzman says that all of the honorees this year have "extraordinary genius and tenacity," and that their work had "redefined the way we see, hear and feel the performing arts."


The winners will also be celebrated at a reception given by President Bush and first lady Laura Bush at the last White House reception to be held by the current administration.



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