Yesterday it was John Mayer via Twitter, today everything from what I wear to how I began my day has been influenced by Jordans. I had to miss my morning run and be in the office early to interview Jordan Sparks. Jordan, whose duet “No Air” with Chris Brown, (who was charged with felony assault charges this morning) has been a chart topper is next set to duet live with John Mayer at Vh1 Save the Music event "One Splendid Evening." The America Idol winner was amazing and definitely a worthwhile excuse to miss a morning workout. More on my chat with Jordan – on everything from music to boys to shoes – later 😉

I also had to take the time to ‘dress up’ because I was warned cameras may be in the office today filming Jordan and Peter aka London’s glamour couple Katie Price and Peter Andre, who were expected to drop in today – reality TV camera crews in tow.  Their guest appearance in our Beverly Hills digs has been post-poned until tomorrow. More on them then. I If you don’t know who they are, I have a feeling you will one day soon 😉 Xo


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