He might be a peacemaker, but when it comes to winning polls, U2’s Bono beat out Angelina Jolie 33 percent to 30 percent in a favorite celebrity peace promoter poll. Do-gooder George Clooney only managed to come in third with 25 percent.

The poll was conducted by PopEater.com and Bebo.com in honor of today, the International Day of Peace. The poll demonstrates the continuous efforts celebrities make in fighting for peace.

If you’re feeling even more in the mood for all things peaceful, AOL’s Spinner.com also named the 20 best songs about peace.

The songs range from Bob Marley’s 1977 song “One Love,” John Mayer’s 2006 song “Waiting on the World to Change,” and the recent VMA winner Green Day’s 2009 song “21 Guns.”

The Peace Bell will be rung at the United Nations today in commemoration.

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