Linda Warn, the mother of Chris Baker, Travis Barker‘s assistant who was killed along with three others last Friday in the jet crash that seriously burned Travis and DJ AM, says she immediately knew something was wrong when  a knock came at her door at 5 a.m. Saturday morning.


Unfortunately, the mother of three had experience with early morning knocks, as her middle son Rob had been killed in a motorcycle accident only a month before.


"When one happens, you think ‘God, that’s some really bad luck.’ It’s not supposed to happen this way," she tells in an exclusive interview.


"We’re supposed to [outlive our kids]. With the second one, there’s anger and then there’s disbelief. There is that question of ‘What could we possibly have done so bad to be punished like this?’ But the bottom line is that it’s nothing we did. It’s nature."


Linda’s youngest and only living son James is 22, and she says she’s ready to focus all her mothering on him.


"With three boys they had to spread everything out and share," she says. "Now he will get all our love and all our attention and we’ll help him get through this."
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