-I still can’t believe how miraculous it is that there was ONE survivor out of more than 150 passengers who survived the tragic jet crash in the Indian Ocean earlier this week. I think someone should approach that 14-year-old girl now and have her sign on to do a book/movie in 2014. For those people out there like me who believe everything (for the most part) happens for a reason, I’m curious what this girl does with her life after being the sole survivor on a flight where everyone else perished.

– Ha! Just heard Brad Pitt’s motorcycle broke down in a residential neighborhood today and with few options- he hitched a ride with a paparazzi. The photos are funny (see right) and Papa Pitt is lookin’ hot!

–    Early last year I was wrongly advised I should invest in the stock market to learn a little bit about investing. Worse, I was advised to spend all of my investment investing in stock for American Apparel. Besides my current stock balance being in the single digits, it seems like the company constantly gives new reasons for the stocks to dip.  Shortly after settling a lawsuit with Woody Allen, today, in response to news the government is clamping down on companies that employ illegal immigrants, I read American Apparel put out a news release stating they have 1,600 + workers that ‘may not be authorized to work in the U.S.” Oy veh.

– A series of minor frustrations today. Going to boxing class now to punch it out. Hope you all have a good night and hopefully you’re starting the weekend off right with the day off tomorrow like me. I’ll be spending Friday in Zuma Beach surfing 😉 xo

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