I’ll write a more detailed blog tomorrow, but I just walked in the door from playing groupie at a practice session for Band from TV (Thanks Mr. Bob Guiney) and had so much fun I wanted to share right away – although now I’ve gotta go to a party for the Madden NFL 09 VIP Premiere at STK/Coco de Ville.
A former band guy’s girlfriend, I forgot how much fun going to band practice can be. People had to fill in at practice for the otherwise committed Greg Grunberg (drums) and Teri Hatcher (female vocalist) who will both be performing at the show (NETFLIX LIVE! ON LOCATION CONCERT AND SCREENING) Saturday in LA, but I got to hang out while the rest of the band, Desperate Housewives James Denton (guitar), House’s resident hottie Jesse Spencer on rock violin, Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar (guest appearance on guitar) and lead vocalist Bachelor Bob Guiney as they rehearsed for the performance, the proceeds for which will all go to charity, as does every effort from the hottest band on TV.

James (Jamie as Bob called him) Denton (such a nice guy) told me The Band from TV initially formed about three years ago when he and Greg Grunberg met at a charity event to raise awareness for autism. Later they met Bob Guiney, at a charity event to raise money for cancer research. Now, they all jam together to raise money for various charities – and they’re good, and entertaining, and I was proud to be their groupie du jour.

I remember a time when I thought the term ‘groupie’ had a negative connotation. When I was in college and used to hang out watching my share of bands I’d insist I was ‘friends with the band,’ not a ‘band groupie.’ But today, older and wiser, I wear the groupie label with pride, I mean, what’s wrong with enjoying entertaining talent and sharing your admiration/adoration? I’ve decided nothing, so I’m proud to be a groupie for The Band from TV. Maybe I’ll start a fan club. Or not, I can hardly maintain this blog, but if someone else does I’ll join 😉 xo

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