If you’re looking for a great movie to go see this summer, see Swing Vote!

Cody and I got to go to the premiere last week and it was really good. We were laughing though, since this is only the second movie we’ve ever seen in a theater together!

It was held at the El Capitan Theater in L.A. and it was huge! When we arrived, we got there right behind Kevin Costner. That was amazing!

There was a ton of press there, which can sometimes be a little intimidating, but it was fun to go to such a big event. When the film was finished, everyone was escorted across the street to the afterparty.

There were so many big names there, I have to admit, I was a bit starstruck! Kevin Costner, Nathan Lane, Dennis Hopper and Kelsey Grammer just to name a few.

One of the people there I was really excited to meet was Quentin Tarantino! Cody and I got a picture with him. He was so nice and talked to us for a minute.

(Cody, Quentin and me!)

Then the little girl who starred in the movie, Madeline Carroll, came walking by. She was fabulous! I told her what a great job she did in the film and as we were talking, she recognized me. She started jumping up and down and said she watches Full House every day!

(me with Madeline)

IThen on Friday, we went to a great event hosted by Carson Kressley of How to Look Good Naked. I’ve always thought he was so funny!

So, this past week was full of really exciting things. Now, the countdown is on for our trip to NC!

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