Singer Mya may have a slight edge on some of her Dancing with the Stars competition because of her performance background, but with only hours to go before the first round of the hit ABC series, she confesses that the nerves are getting to her.

“Its very hard, a lot harder than I expected,” Mya admitted to OK! when we caught up with her at a Keri Feinstein Emmy Gifting Suite in L.A. “This is ballroom, so it’s a new challenge for me and it gets frustrating sometimes because you have a comfort level just doing videos and it’s nothing like having to do it straight through live with no edits. It’s tough on the body, but I’m happy.”

The sultry singer is also having a hard time adjusting to the grueling rehearsals, but not without the help of expert partner Dmitry Chaplin.

“He is the perfect partner because it is boot camp,” she explained. “But he makes it fun and his approach is to be patient and kind and very polite, but he is so strict. He gets the best out of you.”

Before the show has even commenced Mya is already feeling the burn of hours in studio and she’s already begun to sense “tightness in the muscles, so massages are necessary every week… because it’s serious business.”

Along with her on stage nerves and aching muscles, Mya also feels the weight of the competition, keeping herself very aware of her talented challengers from day one.

“There are four couples that I have my eyes set on. Chuck Liddell is one of them because he has a boisterous personality and he’s obviously and athlete so he has stamina for days. I am also worried about the martial artist and [Iron Chef host] Mark Dacascos. Donny Osmond has a huge fan base and he has a wonderful personality. He is a showman, as well and I think Kelly Osbourne is really going to tear up the dance floor.”

Regardless of her fears, Mya just wants to get out there and dance, trying not to worry about making a mistake.

“My main goal is to have fun and not focus too much on winning and being disappointed if I don’t…but I have to have fun because it’s too much of a competition and too much pressure so I may forget some things.” Mya excitedly remarked to OK!.

Catch the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, Tonight at 8pm ET on ABC!

By Gena Oppenheim

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