Pets have changed Mya’s life, and now she’s giving back as the spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America’s Tour for Life. The goal is to adopt as many dogs and cats as possible during their 20-city trek taking place through April 27.

The singer/actress/Chicago: The Musical star, 29, is “mom” to Rottweilers Rambo, 8, and Bear, 7 months, as well as mutt Pepper, 2.

“They love to play catch and they love to play tug-of-war with each other and chase each other around the yard,” she tells me. “Of course, they love to eat. We play a game called ‘Find the Bone,’ where my mom or my brother or I will hide little pieces of dog food or treats throughout the house. They’ll find them.”

Rambo provided companionship for her while she was touring for two years, and when she relocated from California to Maryland.

“She kept me very sane and balanced,” the Grammy winner says. “She went everywhere with me and was a road dog. Loves people, and taught me a lot about being personable. She didn’t walk into any situation with a wall built up. She was vulnerable, friendly and had open arms.”

How have her doggies changed her life?

“She has taught me many lessons as far as trust is concerned. They provide balance, and maybe that’s why I’ve always had a pet. It’s great to be able to come home to unconditional love and something that never changes. They have consistent personalities and they need love and to be taken care of, so it’s also matured me in the aspect that I’m a parent.”

Mya urges those who can provide consistency and responsibility to consider adopting a pet.

“The connection and bond between humans and animals is very special. Both uplift each other. Animals contribute so much to life as far as comfort, connection, responsibility and balance. Those are the qualities humans strive to achieve themselves. These animals have a second chance at life, and a nurturing home is the greatest reward for the animal and yourself.”

As the owner of two cats, Mysty and Spense (short for Mystery and Suspense) adopted from a shelter in August, I am constantly overjoyed at the love and laughs my girls bring to my life every day. Mysty is fascinated by water, and Spense is hilarious batting around anything she can get her paws on. (You should see how she eats — she won’t stick her face in the bowl, but instead picks up each bite.) Mysty is great fun when the laser pointer comes out — she tries to “talk” the dot into sticking around. I truly never thought I would be a pet owner, but — voila! — one day Prince Charming took me up on the whim of getting a kitten. I am so glad we did.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a furry friend? Go to to find out more, or pick up a pet during these Tour for Life stops:

April 2 Haven Humane Society Redding, CA
April 2 Jacksonville Humane Society, Jacksonville
April 4 Sacramento Animal Care Services, Sacramento
April 6 City of LA Dept. of Animal Services, Los Angeles
April 9 Animal Humane Assoc. of New Mexico, Albuquerque
April 9 Southern Animal Foundation, New Orleans
April 12 Humane Society SPCA of Bexar County, San Antonio
April 12 Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Birmingham
April 13 Citizens For Animal Protection, Houston
April 13 Huntsville Animal Services, Huntsville, AL
April 16 N. Little Rock Animal Shelter, N. Little Rock, AR
April 16 Precious Friends Puppy Rescue, Clarksville, TN
April 19 Metro Animal Control Nashville, TN
April 19 APA of Missouri ,St. Louis
April 20 Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, Indianapolis
April 23 Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA, Harrisonburg, VA
April 23 Humane Society of Madison County, London, OH
April 26 Connecticut Area Rescue Event, Brookfield, CT
April 26 FAO Schwarz, NYC
April 27 Wayward Paws, Jamesville, NY


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