It was a bizarre event in which the worlds of Paris Hilton and political activism seemed to collide, and American Idol sweetheart Kristy Lee Cook was innocently sucked into the vortex.


Rumours spread like wildfire earlier this week that a sex tape featuring the singer had been leaked, leaving bloggers frothing at the mouth over "news" that a website known as had posted the raunchy footage. But all it took was a few clicks to discover  that neither nor the sex-tape  ever existed!

The bizarre trick was pulled by a political blogger known  as "Heather" who was trying—successfully, it would seem—to dupe people into reading her personal views on the upcoming presidential race.

"You are here because you were thinking that you would find a video of an American Idol contestant more or less naked, sorry to disappoint you but this video does not and never did exist,” disappointed visitors to her site were greeted. "But what you are going to read is far more important than another scandal coming from the bowels of reality TV."


The mysterious hoaxer then rails against the government on health care, the war in Iraq, the economy and the environment,  tells everyone to vote in November, and offers a little civics lesson, too. "PS: You see, internet is just what you make of it! Thanks to all the websites that relied on the fake news not knowing what they were doing and indirectly did their citizen labor for the day!"


She didn’t say if she’d be voting for Kristy.

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