When Nancy O’Dell isn’t hosting Access Hollywood or posing for photographers, she’s probably watching WWE! Named Sexy Superfan of the Month by WWE Magazine, Nancy tells all in an interview with the magazine about her long love affair with wrestling!

Nancy uses her TV hosingt skills to get closer to her passion of watching WWE. Nancy said, “I thought I’d better get in good with the PR guys at WWE. So we started attending a few Raw shows, and I got to know the Superstars backstage.”

As host of Access Hollywood, Nancy has even had the opportunity to interview Mickey Rourke at the SAG Awards where he announced that he would appear at WrestleMania. She exclaimed, “I know! I remember that. I’m part of WWE history and that’s excellent!”

If Nancy was on WWE she said her nickname would be, “Hollywood Highlights! Because, you know, I’m from Hollywood and I have highlights.” Makes perfect sense to us!

She already has her finisher move all planned out. “Well, Mr. McMahon taught me how to do a headlock. So I would take the headlock, but add in a Hollywood pose for the paparazzi.”

We’d love to see that!

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