Only a day after appearing to bury the hatchet with British Airways by pleading guilty to assault charges stemming from an incident aboard a plane, controversial model Naomi Campbell was anything but apologetic as she went public with claims that a racial slur had caused her to fly into a rage.

"I was called a racial name on that flight and that was part of my reaction," the 38-year-old told Britain’s Sky News in an interview over the weekend. "I was called a ‘Golliwog supermodel’ — I don’t think that’s really fair, do you?"

For those not up on their antiquated racial slurs, the term "Golliwog" comes from the name of a children’s book character — a rag doll in horrific minstrel-show blackface — created by author Florence Kate Upton.

While British Airways released a statement saying they do not accept any allegations of racism, Naomi puts it simply — "I just think they are disgusting."

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