What could possibly make winning five gold medals even sweeter? Forget big name endorsements and millions of fans, for 18-year-old gymnast Nastia Liukin, it’s the chance to appear on super popular CW show Gossip Girl.


"I was in Los Angeles having dinner with a bunch of my friends and the producers of Gossip Girl were sitting at the table next to me," Nastia told reporters before being named Sportswoman of the Year by the Women’s Sports Foundation on Tuesday.


"So they sent over a note saying ‘Congratulations. Keep watching Gossip Girl.’ Then the next day they contacted my management and the next thing I know I have a guest role on Gossip Girl."  


The young athlete says she aspires to do some modeling and acting, making her guest role, which she’s filming when she’s back in NYC on Oct. 21, the perfect stepping stone to widen her experiences.


Don’t expect to see her doing any backflips or balance beam tricks, Nastia says she won’t be playing herself.


"I was going to play myself and then they thought it would be cool to give me a character," she said. "A bunch of my friends always watch, so to actually be on it, it’s really cool."

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