1) Staying True To Myself

By just being me, flaws and all…. that is what led me to have the most success. In fact, all of the things that I thought I needed to change about myself when I was young, ended up being things that made me get noticed and be a success today. Like my voice for example! When I was younger, I was made fun of because people thought my voice sounded deep. But now people stop me and tell me they recognize my voice and they love it! I love my voice, too.

2) Working Hard

Or in the words of The Rock: Be the hardest worker in the room. I think in order to be successful you have to have a strong work ethic. You can’t be discouraged when you start something and you’re not good at it, as success takes time. But putting in the work is important. Whether it’s in the gym, writing a book, building a house, making a movie or simply starting a diet. The proof is in the pudding as they say. And you get what you give!

3) Find Balance

Spending time with my family, connecting with the outdoors, or just putting my phone away for an hour helps me find balance. Same thing with a diet. It’s ok to be strict all week… but it’s ok to have a cheat meal too! Pizza, please!  Sometimes when you focus on reaching your dreams and being a success, you miss out on the little things that are really big things! Balance keeps us stable! And life is meant to be enjoyed.

4) Find Something You Love And Do It!

This way work isn’t really work. For me, when I discovered my passion for wrestling, I knew I wanted to make a career out of it. It was very hard work but it was something I enjoyed so I felt fulfilled in working hard. I see so many people doing stuff that they don’t enjoy because they feel like they don’t have a choice. You only get one life. It’s important to enjoy what you do!

5) Have Fun!

Life isn’t all about work. One of my favorite authors, Randy Pausch, who wrote the book “The Last Lecture” said “decide whether you’re Tigger or Eyore.” That always stuck with me because Tigger had fun… and Eyore didn’t! And life is best when you can approach it like Tigger! (I also always laugh at my own jokes… so that way no matter what, someone is laughing!)

6) Pick & Choose Your Battles!

I learned this fast while working in entertainment. If you let every little thing drive you crazy and cause conflict and tension, you’re going to go nuts! It’s best to make good choices on what’s worth fighting for and what’s worth letting go. Usually the little rainstorms blow over pretty fast. I’ve also learned that women tend to hold on to everything. So keep that in mind when someone buys the same purse as you! Just smile and say “great minds think alike!” … and use that as an excuse to buy yourself a new purse!

7) Be Nice To People

Because you never know what someone else is going through and when you go through tough times (we all do!) you will want others to be kind to you. Plus being kind gives you good karma and when you are a good person…good things happen to you!

8) Stay Hungry

Remember what your attitude was like on your first day of school, or your first day of work at your dream job! Remember that HUNGER and remember that the second you aren’t hungry and appreciative of all that you have, it could be gone tomorrow. #HungryAndGrateful

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