While we can’t attest to whether or not blondes have more fun than any other hair color, Natasha Bedingfield certainly seemed to be having a blast onstage last night at John Frieda’s ”Experience the Benefits of Being Blonde” event at NYC’s Highline Ballroom! The platinum-tressed singer treated fans during a free concert, as the kick-off for the Sheer Blonde Entourage’s series of nationwide sweepstakes.

By registering at forblondesonly.com, contestants can enter to win the chance to sing onstage with Natasha, a blonde makeover by John Frieda, and much more!

But we wanted to know the answer to that age old adage, do blondes really have more fun?

“I think anyone who gets the chance to change your hair color up, it puts you in a different mood and you get to be a personality and a character,” Natasha told OK!. “I guess that’s probably where that saying comes from. When my hair is blonder, I do have more fun.”

Having fun comes with a caveat, however — take care of that hair!

“Blondes don’t have more fun if they use the wrong products!” warns Natasha. “That’s so true, there are so many horror stories of people dying their hair and then they wake up, and they have to cut it really short because it gets unhealthy. And that’s why I think a lot of blondes really care about what products they use.”

So what’s Natasha’s fave fix for keeping her locks light?

“John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde: Go Blonder shampoo —it actually makes your hair a little bit lighter, gradually,” she explained to OK!.

We’re starting to get convinced… someone pass the peroxide!

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