Team OK!’s Ne-Yo knows how to throw a good party and keep it hot! One of his favorite Grammy memories is when Prince just happened to show up at one of his parties! “That was a great great night,” Ne-Yo shares exclusively to OK!. “I remember sitting next to Prince feeling like I was in fourth grade.”

“That is a night I will never never ever forget,” Ne-Yo tells OK! about his favorite Grammy memory. “For one I was really really drunk which is not something I would normally do, but it was exciting and I was happy! Let me paint this picture for you.”

It’s story time with Ne-Yo!

“For one, everybody came from Jay-Z to Rihanna and Chris Brown, which was a happier year. I’m sitting in a corner and to the left of me is Stevie Wonder and to the right of me is Prince. Like you couldn’t make that up if you wanted to! Like all we needed was Michael Jackson throwin down somewhere and then I would’ve been in heaven.”

“That was a great great night,” Ne-Yo reminisces. “I remember sitting next to Prince feeling like I was in fourth grade. Like I couldn’t talk to him. I asked if he was enjoying the party and he gave me that really cool Prince, ‘Yeah this is nice.” I’m just bugged out by how small he is, but by how big he is.”

“Prince is like 11ft tall, but in all actuality he is like 4’7. He’s like a really really small dude.”

“I’ve been a fan forever so for him to crash the party, I mean I didn’t invite him, but I didn’t un-invite him. I just never invited him because I would have never thought he would come.”


Much to his surprise, Prince showed up at his door!

“It was one of those types of things, and then they come to the back and they’re like uhh Prince is at the door and I’m like get the f*** outta here!” he remembers. “I look and there are two big bodyguards standing beside him. I look and there’s this little Prince. With white pants and these boots with a six inch heel with all his glory and I’m like ‘wow’, I was bugged out.”

“I mean I’ve seen Stevie a couple times,” Ne-Yo explains. “I still get star struck with Stevie, but I know Stevie as a person he’s really really goofy, funny as hell.

“Prince I think that was like my first time ever meeting him and being really close to him,” Ne-Yo says. It was nuts.”

We wish we were there!

Reporting By Michelle Edgar

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