Ever dream of flying through the air with the greatest of ease like a Cirque du Soleil performer? So did How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris.


Alas, "At 35, I don’t think they’ll hire me, but I’m doing my best," he told OK! at M&M’s World in Times Square as he launched the “Real Chocolate Relief Act,” where he helped give away thousands of free chocolate candy bars in an effort to bring smiles and some needed relief to all. 


Neil swoops through the air at the Cirque School in L.A., where anyone can sign up for classes that combine Pilates, trapeze and aerial workouts.


"Everyone should, at least once in their life, have the experience of hanging by their knees," says artistic director Aloysia Gavre. "The benefit of being healthy and having a toned body is just a suprise because you have such an exhilirating time during the class, you don’t even realize you’re exhausted."

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