Just when we thought Katy Perry had found love again, hearts were crushed after finding out that she and Orlando Bloom were giving each other space after nearly one year of dating. Now, more details have been exposed about the shocking split, and it sounds like Katy may have dodged a bullet!

Katy, who dealt with enough drama with her ex-husband Russell Brand, who divorced her in 2012 via text, apparently did not fare much better with the actor.

A source told RadarOnline that Orlando was pretty bizarre and that “Katy caught Orlando in a series of lies. For the past month, he was being so shady!”

The two, who were friends for several years before beginning a romantic relationship, were seen looking comfortable together just days before announcing their split while at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, but clearly, looks can be deceiving.

The insider noted that when the flashing lights were off of them, the two were anything but in sync. “Orlando would try to cover his tracks all the time because she would bring up stuff that just didn’t make sense,” the source told Radar.

“He would tell her he was one place and she would know that he was somewhere else!”

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