Congratulations to New Kids on the Block cutie Joey McIntyre who is celebrating the birth of his second son with wife Barrett.

“New Baby Mac is on the Block!! 7 lbs., 10 oz., December 13th , 2009,” the blue-eyed dad tweeted yesterday afternoon. “He and his mom are both rock stars:).”

Newborn Rhys Edward McIntyre joins his two-year-old brother Griffin Thomas.

Joey told OK! last week that he was keeping his new arrival’s name top secret, “if you say a name, you’re very sensitive about the name, so you don’t want people to have that reaction and go [disparagingly] ‘mmmm’ whereas once the baby’s born, people are a little more inviting of that name.”

And it sounds as though the 36-year-old was an ideal husband as Barrett’s due date approached. He told OK!, “I give her back rubs. Back rubs are good. It’s a good way to put her to sleep, but I don’t give her enough back rubs, and I don’t do enough for her.”

Meanwhile, former 98 Degrees guy Drew Lachey and his wife, Lea, are expecting a sibling for their three-year-old daughter, Isabella.

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