Samanta Tumpach, the woman arrested at a Chicago movie theater after having her video camera on in the theater during a screening of New Moon, has at least one very high profile name in her corner— the film’s director, Chris Weitz.

Tumpach was found with about three minutes of footage on her camera and is facing is facing a felony charge of illegally copying  the movie, and could get three years in jail if she’s convicted. However, she says she was just taping her sister’s birthday party at the theater and wasn’t attempting to pirate footage of the movie.

Director Chris Weitz tells the Chicago Sun-Times that he wasn’t happy to hear about the Nov. 28 arrest and has contacted the film’s studio about his worries. He adds that there is a difference between trying to protect the film’s copyright and prosecuting someone who “clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy.”

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