Although beat out by Sandra Bullock’s new drama The Blind Side on Thanksgiving Day, which raked in $9.5 million on Nov. 26, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was able to bite back on Black Friday reclaiming its top spot at number one according to E! Online.

Despite estimations that the vampire production would swarm the holiday weekend, New Moon only accrued $9.2 million on Thursday as reported by Box Office Mojo numbers on E! Online.

Fortunately enough, the flick made a much anticipated come back bringing in an estimated $17.9 million total the following day, pushing The Blind Side at $16.2 million out of its number one spot to take the coveted lead according to E! Online.

In light of New Moon’s Black Friday success, E! Online details that the film has given fans something else to smile about as it has surpassed the $200 million mark in domestic theatres in a mere eight days, which is already more than the original Twilight’s entire gross.

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