Shirtless, hunky New Moon star Chaske Spencer recently admitted that he had entered into a drug rehab program before beginning work on 2009’s biggest blockbuster, and now the clean and sober 34-year-old has some words of advice for troubled young stars like Lindsay Lohan.

“Get help,” Chaske, who will reprise the role of Sam Uley in this summer’s Eclipse, said bluntly when discussing the topic with OK! at Tuesday night’s special screening of Youth In Revolt sponsored by Three Olives Vodka.

In a statement released a few weeks ago, Chaske was a little more verbose on the topic, writing: “I encourage anyone who is in a similar place to seek support from their friends and family.”


As for how his time in rehab helped him grow as a person, he lightheartedly replied with a laugh, “I’m sober… That’s how it helped me!”

Hoping to get some juicy stories from his wilder days, Chaske said of his rebellious years that there’s “a lot I don’t want to talk about. [laughs] I’ll just go with the PG stuff: Sneaking out of the house. We took a couple cars for a joyride, and just tried to make out with girls as a kid.”

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