Who needs romance on Valentine’s Day when you have your couch and your Netflix? Here’s what’s New on Netflix just in time for America’s most resented holiday ever.

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Save The Date (Available February 16)
Valentine’s Day weekend calls for rom-coms, right? In this hilarious one, Lizzy Caplan and Allison Brie play sisters who are dating two guys in the same rock band. Things get weird for the whole group when one of the couples breaks up.

White Bird In a Blizzard (Available February 19)
Shailene Woodley stars as a teen who’s dealing with the loss of her mother and Shiloh Fernandez helps her get over it. Bonus: This movie is set in 1998, so cue the scrunchies!

Richie Rich (Available February 20)
Unfortunately this is not the 90’s movie starring Macaulay Culkin but rather the first season of the Netflix original series with the same name. It’s also the same concept, though, following the life of a kid who’s a trillionaire.

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