Like rules, resolutions are almost made to be broken, but in the spirit of tradition, I’ll start 2008 with a few:
-I shall be more financially responsible (and learn that when purchasing something on sale, that doesn’t mean I ‘made’ the difference saved).
-I shall not chew more than a pack of 14-piece gum a day (I’m like a child who chews a piece of gum and spits it out for a new one, flavor or not, every few mintues).
-I shall be more patient (and not tread on the heels of tourists in front of me walking too slowly down NYC sidewalks or scowl at the cashier taking eons to count back my change).
-I shall judge my weight (or whether I’m going to begin the day sad and depressed) by how my clothes fit rather than the  number on the scale – which I will limit to checking to once/week.
-I shall not smoke the occasional cigarette, even when drinking or under the rare moment of stress.
-Crunch gym will again elevate to more than a word that appears monthly on my bank statement to a place where I make regular appearances.
And, I resolve to make the most of everyday, be gracious for the ability to do so and do my bestest to keep you informed of my trials, tribulations, triumphs, trips and progress nearly daily on this blog 😉 xo

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